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Основатель и идейный вдохновитель Celtic Frost - Том Габриэль Фишер, рассказывает о композициях,...
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"Мы не верим в дьявола – но никто из нас не верит и в бога."

Celtic Frost

Dawn Of Megiddo

Humilated in human form/We have to die to be reborn
Awaiting the final judgement/The dawn now lifts
Subjects of flesh/Slaves of lust
The cross has failed/You won't see the coming fall

A diviner's fire and soil
Flames, like flowers, like blood
Fires of freedom, flowers of doom
A surface of hateful hope

Oh subjects of pain
Lovers of death
You will feel
The yearning flames

Flames like tongues – like cries
Pant for kisses – For bites
Seven steps – And we're one
Humilated – In human thoughts

The frost, it bites/Your inner heart
Frozens the flame/In every eye
The lord will come/Broken ice
The fire will burn/Gleaming ways

Well never be reborn
Prenatal death's redeemed our lives
Into his hand we demand our hearts
The lord and we are one

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